Umbrella Cockatoo

These are my parrots. On the left you have Lilly an umbrella cockatoo.  Lilly was hatched in 1987.  Her original owners were murdered in Florida in 1988.  My husband & I moved back home to Ohio in May of 1989.  About a year later I found out that  Lilly’s surrogate Mom was looking for a home for her  One choice   her surrogate Mom had was a breeder,  her other choice was me.  Miss B, surrogate Mom chose me over having Lilly  , because she knew I would treat Lilly like a well loved house pet.                                                             This is the first bird I have ever had in my life!   Never had a parakeet, Lovebird, cockateil.    I had no experiance  & minimal knowledge about what to do.  Basic feeding, watering, housing were easy.  One of the harder things was how to play with Lilly.  One of out first games is what I called the “blanket game”  I had a afgan on the back of the couch.     Lilly would get up on the back of the .couch,  I would pick her up, then I would lay her on the couch & kiss her  . h last time I did that I picked Lilly up with my lower lip….OUCH!!  Had I had an extra earring  in my house I coulda saved on a piercing.                         The bird on the right is John Parrot.